1. SCENES - Seeking the essentially invisible

    These scenes concern the fact that the invisible is possibly more essential than the visible, about the fact that there, beyond this visual “skin” observable day-to-day, is concealed something equally lonely, perhaps despairing, full of longing, in need of love; something very similar to that residing within each of us. Some sort of answers, which will, perhaps, enable us to understand where and why we truly exist. Maybe some not ME, who wants to banally say that one should not fear loneliness, that each moment on Earth is filled with meaning and love, joy and pain and... that this is so wonderful. The arbitrary factology of these scenes provides us with a language of visual signs and pointers so that each of us can write our personal Book of Revelation. 
    Visuality can be perceived as the biggest barrier, as the obstacle between existences, but can also render it maximally “slender” and transparent. Then, just like shores, beyond this “slenderness one can perceive enormous Apathy, Loneliness and also great Significance. Everything that occurs in front of us (and to us) is akin to tiny but profound existential gestures on the enormous surface of Time and Space. We are involved. We are attracted. Maybe this is the only reason for joie de vivre. To peer into infinity through observing NOTHINGNESS.