1. The Edge of the World

    Where are we? What is this space, which encompasses us? How does time pass around us and what is it? Do we realise the true proportions between ourselves and the world? Essentially, each of us is always in several spaces (places) and times simultaneously. It only seems to us that around us, everything is more or less 

    homogenous, constant and linear.It turns that we live within coordinates in which it is quite amusing to talk about stability 
    or predictability. In truth, it is an infinite labyrinth and network of time in which we seek the right path throughout our lives. An endless overlapping of reality and feelings, a mingling into something resembling a wavelike “soup”. In reality, one can even talk about a continual feeling of finding oneself on the “edge of the world”, something akin to a border zone which does not offer us any guarantees. 
    For an impression to form regarding the atmosphere of a certain place and situation,using the multi-exposure approach,several frames are photographed oafter other,impulsively succumbing to the Godly dynamics of regular coincidences.Continuing the previous series of works,SCENES II(The Edge of the World) focuses 
    on the characteristics of sight and perception. We are used to judging our own life and that of others,nothing important reference points and moments,without even noticing 
    or else quickly forgetting the infinite number of points or scenes that are equally important,but quickly disappear.